Getting my head round JMRI

I’m intending to use the Java Model Railway Interface (JMRI) to automate Kay Hernan. JMRI is a fantastic bit of software written by enthusiasts for the purpose controlling and or automating model railways. It can operate with may different types of hardware and DCC systems and runs on almost any computer that can run fairly normal version of the Java languge.
The main “problem” with JMRI as far as automation is concerned is the apparent lack of clear documentation … well as far as I’ve been able to find. I have used my normal technique of trial and error to investigate how to proceed. Today I cracked a major problem I had. I had managed to get JMRI to detect the state of track circuit detectors and even display their status on a track diagram. Getting JMRI to operate points (turnouts in JMRI) was another matter especially when it came to operating them from a script. This problem is no more.
I now have points operating as and when required as well as locomotives moving under script control dependant on track circuit conditions.
Next… some more ambitious test scripts.

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